Andrew Barron (Macquarie University, Aus)

Jerome Buhl (The University of Adelaide, Aus)

Jean-Louis Deneubourg (Free University of Brussels, Bel)

Audrey Dussutour (CRCA University of Toulouse, Fra)

Lars Chittka (Queen Mary University of London, UK)

Raphaël Jeanson (CRCA University of Toulouse, Fra)

Nigel Raine (Guelph University, Can)

David Raubenheimer (The University of Sydney, Aus)

Andrew Reynolds (Rothamsted Research, UK)

Alistair Senior (The University of Sydney, Aus)

Steve Simpson (The University of Sydney, Aus)

Team Experience Dependant Plasticity in Insects (ExPLain) Martin Giurfa, Jean-Marc Devaud, Guillaume Isabel, Cathy Armengaud (University of Toulouse, Fra)