CNRS Researcher

I am interested in the evolutionary relationships between brains, cognition and sociality. What are the cognitive demands imposed by social life? How much information must be treated and processing power required? How does it scale up at the collective level? To what extent environmental stressors affect these phenomena? I use a comparative approach to answer these questions in animals with tiny brains exhibiting a wide range of social complexities, such as bees, cockroaches and  fruit flies.

Research profiles:  Google Scholar  –  ResearchGate   Publons                               Departments: Research Center on Animal Cognition, Center for Integrative Biology

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Postdoc – ANR

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I am an ethologist using network tools to study complex phenomena. My research focuses on social information transfer in animal groups and its consequences on social interactions. My current project aims at evaluating and modeling the role of social and competitive interactions on resource partitioning in bees.

Email: / Phone: +33 5 61 55 84 44/ Door: 205, building 4R3 / Web: http://cristianpasquaretta.strikingly.comResearch profiles: Google Scholar – Research Gate 



Postdoc – ANR

I am interested in host-parasite interactions. My research focuses on honeybee parasites such as Nosema. My current project aims to evaluate the effects of pathogens on the behaviour, cognition and physiological development of bees.

Email: / Phone: +33 5 61 55 84 44 / Door: 205, building 4R3 / Research profiles: Google Scholar – Research Gate



PhD student, co-supervision H. Aubert (Toulouse)

I am developing and calibrating new radar tools to study the behaviour of untagged insects with great precision in the field.




PhD student, co-supervision A. Barron (Sydney)

I am an ecologist with interests in modelling and statistics, as well as animal behaviour. My PhD project focuses on how the individual foraging strategies of bees impact colony dynamics and pollination. 

Email: / Phone: +33 5 61 55 84 44 / Door: 205, building 4R3



PhD student, co-supervision JM DevaudA Barron (Sydney)

I am exploring the effects of heavy metal pollution and their effects combined with environmental stressors on honeybees behavior and cognition.

Email: / Phone: +33 632423303 / Door: 205, building 4R3 / Research profiles: Google Scholar – Research Gate



PhD student 

My current project in collaboration with Koppert BV aims at studying the nutritional need sand foraging behaviour of bees to propose bio-responsible improvements in agricultural systems.
Email: / Phone: +33 6 24 33 95 91 / Door: 205, building 4R3


Research Assistant, co-supervision A Wystrach (Toulouse) 

I am an ecologist with interest in statistics and modeling. My work aims at understanding why invasive populations of Asian hornets are so successful across Europe. See more details here!
Email: / Phone: +33 6 24 33 95 91 / Door: 205, building 4R3